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We have lost the idea of being transformed by the renewing of our mind or that we are to love the lord with all of who we are including our mind. A.W. Tozer in "The Crucified Life" says that the christian who sits under a preacher who could not preach his way out of a wet paper bag may be better off because it forces them to study the Word for themselves instead of being spoon fed. Our churches have gone the way of our education system. Tell them what they need to know to answer the question when the time comes and forget about thinking because that will only cause us problems we do not know how to handle. We as leaders may not be able to handle every question, but God is able. I appreciate you pointing this out. Since I did not see any resources listed a will give you some. Dallas Willard is a great author who writes along these lines. Renovation of the Heart and the Divine Conspiracy are two books of his that are good. Love the Lord with All Your Mind by J.P. Moreland deals with the philosophical issues and challenges people to think because the world has questions and we can't continue to bury our heads in the sand. The latest thing I have seen is called The Truth Project and is put out by Focus on the Family. It is an in depth worldview study that is designed to be used in small groups in homes and is 13 hours of video plus some discussion guides. I am partly through this and they are well done and very informative.

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