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I'm not sure I understand all of these rules as explained here, but I would like to discuss it sometime. I know, for me, it seems like friendships have been sometimes difficult to come by and to maintain. I find myself with many "acquaintances". Working 50 hours a week, maintaining a family and home, and trying to have a little fun along the way, there just doesn't seem to be enough time. I get to see many people when I'm out riding my bike. Usually there are only a few minutes to "connect", and that makes it difficult to decide who to pursue a friendship with. Social media does have it's place. There are definitely opportunities to learn more about a persons (well, some) thoughts, values, and interests. Not sure I will ever get it "right", but I hope to continue learning how to be a friend. At the very least, I strive to make my interactions with other people a positive one, that they may see me as a candidate to be a true friend.

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